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Mountain to Sound Board Members call for nominations

Posted 2 months ago by Sharon Hansen

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Good evening,

Please respond by June 15th, 2020

The Mountain to Sound Chapter of AACN Board members is pleased to send out a request for board officer nominations. The strength of our chapter is dependent on you, our members. Serving on the board provides the opportunity to help shape and guide the direction of the chapter as well as partner with other chapters regionally and nationally.

You may nominate yourself or another Mountain to Sound member. If you are nominating someone else, please ask their permission prior to nominating.

For descriptions of each office, please see

Yearly nominations and voting:

  • Co-President
    • MTS uses the model of Co-President to share the work between two individuals. The chapter uses this model instead of President and President-Elect
  • Treasurer-elect
    • This officer will work closely with the current treasurer and prepare to take the office of Treasurer July 2021

Additional officer positions seeking nominations

  • Secretary-elect
  • Newsletter, we would like this to be separate from the office of the MTS secretary

MTS Co-Presidents Pamela Popplewell and Sharon Hansen



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